Who we are

Professional Open Network

[email protected] was devised by a team of advisors and companies that deeply understand businesses. It applies a new form of work, that offers integrated multidisciplinary services through a professional open network of highly specialised advisors and companies. [email protected] was set up in 2015 and it has been evolving ever since. Today, it includes more than 50 members among advisors and service providers, that carry out different activities for the network. All members have excellent professional skills,  which have been verified  and they all share the network founding principles.

Mission and Vision

Our mission: we strive to create value for our clients through innovative and multidisciplinary services, which come from the cross-pollination in [email protected], and by working in the business’ interest, as well as by anticipating change and implementing new forms of work and financing.

Our vision: we want to supply our clients with a competitive advantage thanks to our specialised and versatile expertises, our approach and our capacity to identify, manage and close business.


Values and Principles

Our strenght is in the sharing of the values that support any successful initiative.

Ethics and commitment: we commit to do the right thing in the Client’s interest, by understanding and promoting his uniqueness.

Pragmatism and reliability: we are oriented to the achievement of a result with sustainable choices and we seek the best solution by using effective and tested methods.

Expertise:after a decade of activity, also in-house, we offer our expertise, which is certified by a solid track-record, our deep knowledge and our support in any field.

Who we are

[email protected] was born from the founders’ idea to unite advisors and service providers that share the founding principles of the project (Ethics and Commitment) with the aim to create and offer integrated multidisciplinary services in order to meet clients’ needs with turnkey services.

With this purpose, Associates and Partners form teams based on the specific needs of the client in order to share and propose a “tailor-made” work, which take into account their different skills and expertise.

Iluna Courmadias, accredited by AssoretiPMI , coordinates and manages the network from her office at Kilometro Rosso. Among Associates there are advisors with specialisations in business strategy, law, finance, environment, insurance and IT, whereas among Partners there are advisors in various sectors, so that all clients’ requests can be satisfied.

[email protected] uses IT systems that can support business expansion and manage the activities of the team worldwide. The creation of multidisciplinary services, professional development and growth are facilitated by meetings and workshops between members, that allow a continuous debate and cross-pollination, in a way that stimulates the generation of new services and the finding of practical and effective solutions for business needs, which are the focus of the network.

Integrated Business Services

[email protected] support businesses in taking decisions on business strategy and operations, by offering complete, specific and effective solutions