Business Development

Make your business grow better, with vision and strategy!

The most important question: how to develop a business in the best possible way.

The answer is a journey, a dynamic process which requires a method that analyses, executes, measures results and corrects itself. The intuitive choice is not always the best one. It is more important to proceed with method and rely on right and complete information.

Our added value is in this approach.

Business Design

  • We support you in developing processes for innovation
  • We facilitate processes for innovation and we help you to restructure your business model through methods taken from design thinking, lean organization and start-up world
  • We use visual, simple and effective tools, such as the Business Model Canvas, which are based on co-creation and participation
  • We assess the project and the entire business model on which the business is grounded; it is important to understand the timing of certain choices, which must be in line with market, opportunities and trends, and must be communicated in an appropriate way
  • We support a global vision of a business model that helps to identify the key points on which you can develop an innovation project
  • We opt for light but effective changes in order to lower risks and maximise benefits.

Internationalization process & strategy

  • Preliminary assessment on business competitors and price positioning, custom duties and country risk
  • Choice of the most appropriate business model, search for business partners and capital, even through the organisation of road shows and B2B meetings, as well as export joint ventures
  • Temporary Export Management (TEM): our TEMs have specific experience in your targeted countries and sectors and they work with local TEM as well
  • Technical and commercial point of contact for foreign customers and during negotiation
  • Implementation and adoption of proper marketing tools and sale materials, including e-commerce and inbound marketing
  • Choice and set up of the best corporate and contractual model to regulate your relationship with Italian and foreign partners
  • Export department set up, including sales representatives and agents
  • Drafting of contracts, with specific focus on legal protection, governance and warranties
  • Assistance during M&A deals through scouting and due diligence in Italy and abroad
  • Advice on financial and tax issues, with specific attention on transfer pricing regulation
  • Creation of international insurance programs, which take into consideration the place, type of activity and sector, i.e. insurance on goods, people, transport and performance
  • Selection and training of a temporary manager that will manage the local unit
  • Development of the infrastructure, its set up and operations
  • Legal assistance against lawsuits in Italy and abroad

Joint Ventures

  • Selection of business opportunities and partners
  • Capital raising
  • Drafting of “memorandum of understanding”
  • Joint Ventures setup, both as contractual JV and corporate JV
  • Advice and support from service providers and professional partnerships specialised in Joint Ventures setup
  • Support in the switch from a contractual to a corporate Joint Venture
  • Management of the Joint Venture, including accounting and tax returns
  • Design of an integrated business strategy, even through marketing and e-commerce



  • Product analysis, project and design search
  • Competition analysis
  • Product assessment, to see if it is adaptable to other applications
  • Technical and financial assessment of product and manufacturing changes
  • Industrial restructuring plans
  • Suggestions about performance increase and cost reduction
  • Performance indicators and monitoring


Marketing & Communication strategies

  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Integrated and omnichannel communication 
  • Web and social network strategy
  • Contents development, i.e. tailored contents for website, social, company profiles, blogs and others
  • Inbound marketing
  • Data Analysis and management
  • Web design and creation
  • Traditional marketing channels

Integrated Business Services

[email protected] support businesses in taking decisions on business strategy and operations, by offering complete, specific and effective solutions