Environmental Sustainability


Environmental sustainability is a fundamental component of the business, increases competitiveness, adds value and shows commitment towards environment and community.

Value emerges from a global approach to sustainability:


Energy efficency and environmental footprint

  • Energetic diagnosis and assessment
  • Support during ISO50001:2001 energy certification
  • Study and development of solutions for energy saving
  • Design of passive and green buildings, integration of architectural low consumption solutions and renewable energy
  • Certification of energy efficency and financing.

Protection of the environment

  • Analysis of the state of art, identification of issues, prevention of pollution and management of emissions together with the identification of pollution sources (nature, importance and frequency of emissions)
  • Purification of industrial waste waters, selection and implementation of technology, optimization of installations and their performance, as well as cost saving
  • Safety and prevention of severe incidents
  • Advice on reporting, monitoring of greenhouse gas emission (Directive 2003/87/CE)
  • Advice on LCA study and environmental statements (EPD)
  • Advice on OEF (Organisation Environmental Footprint) inventories and PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) studies
  • Application for and maintenance of AIA (Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale)
  • BAT (Best Available Technologies) assessment for existing plants and new projects
  • Environmental impact study and advice on specific local procedures
  • Assessment of atmospheric emissions through mathematical models
  • Plans for monitoring the environment
  • Technical and financial analysis of new systems to lower emissions: choice of the most efficient technology based on reliability, investment value and management costs
  • Adjustment of the existing plants and development of new projects in compliance with Italian and European regulations
  • Training in environmental sector, industrial hygiene and environmental certification.


Environmental renovations of offices

  • Analysis of the current situation according to national and local regulation
  • Functional assessment of existing spaces and identification of works on installations and structure
  • Identification of applicable financial aids
  • Certification of construction process and available subsidized finance tools.


  • Analysis and identification of HSE procedures
  • Drafting of manuals and fulfillment of legal obligations, including definition of powers of attorney
  • Consumption analysis of raw materials, water, electricity, heat and eco-friendly actions
  • Mapping of emissions and recycling/disposal systems
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Protection against radiations: distance, time and screening
  • Assessment of radon and natural radioactive elements
  • Analysis and risk with regards to the use of lasers
  • Advice on implementation of management systems and process certifications (safety at work OHSAS 18001, environment ISO 14001 and EMAS, energy efficency ISO 50001) and product certifications (Ecolabel, FSC and Carbon Footprint).


Green Economy and  renewables

  • Development of biogas and biomethane plants for agriculture and organic waste: application for authorisation, technical and financial feasibility plan, drafting of agreements, capital raising, design and compliance with GSE
  • Assitance and management of connection to local and municipal nets, qualification of GSE plant, eco-friendly certification for biofuel production
  • Choice and implementation of new technologies for waste processing and recycling.

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