Strenghtening of assets


Every business has its own history as well as unique strenghts and weaknesses. Improving weaknesses and adding value to assets give new energy to the business and it takes to new markets providing opportunities.

This is how we add value to your business, to face the global challenge.


Movables and real estate assets

  • Maximisation of business value through inventory analysis related to properties
  • Assessment based on international accounting standards
  • Know-how analysis and evaluation
  • Technical advisory during lawsuits and arbitrations for defective products
  • Drafting of sworn technical reports
  • Intellectual property protection strategy definition and implementation
  • Data protection strategy definition and implementation
  • Profitability and performance analysis
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Investment strategy and business planning
  • Acquisitions
  • Drafting of non-disclosure agreements with business partners, employees and service providers


  • Financial Planning
  • Proactive management of relationships with financial institutions
  • Assessment of banking conditions
  • Legal advice on banking agreements and assistance in collection of undue payments
  • Cash flow management and control
  • Management and control operations and reports
  • Capital raising
  • Accurate cash management and forecasts to improve economical and financial planning
  • Client portfolio analysis and credit management
  • Legal assistance on debt collection



  • Assistance during M&A operations
  • Due diligence, negotiation and assistance after the deal
  • Recruitment of Italian and foreign investors
  • Advice on alternative financial tools: bonds, minibonds, equities, private equity funds, business angels and venture capitalists.


Aided finance

  • Scouting of EU, national, regional and local funds
  • Support during applications, awarding of funds and their deployment
  • Research on benefits and tax relief on investments related to:
    • Technology and equipment (machinery, hardware, software, renovation)
    • Intangibles (R&D, patents and trademarks)
    • Personnel (training and hiring)
    • Environment (energy saving, innovation and protection)
    • Export and internationalization
    • New entrepreneurship (innovative start-ups, young entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs, innovation and social inclusion).


Know-how protection and evaluation

  • Advice on registration of patents, design, trademarks and copyright in Italy and abroad
  • Priority right searches in Italy and abroad
  • Legal opinion on the right to registration and freedom of use
  • Legal assistance against intellectual property infringement towards courts, as well as national and international authorities (i.e. UIBM, PO, UAMI and WIPO)
  • Legal assistance for lawsuits and arbitration with regards to IP, interim measures on validity of IP rights, counterfeiting, unfair competition, copyright and trademark infringements
  • Custom protection through Italian and EU regulations
  • Alternative dispute resolutions and settlements with regards to IP
  • Contracts for IP protection and use (i.e. NDA, R&D, sales and purchase and license)
  • IP strategy definition, analysis and management of IP portfolio
  • Evaluation of IP rights and know-how
  • Assistance during technology tranfers, research projects, support to spin-off and start-up companies
  • Business model and exploitation plan for products, processes and new technologies
  • Tax relief on intangibles through Patent Box application.

Integrated Business Services

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