Governance and Corporate Social Responsability


Corporate governance, which includes definition of roles, responsibility and mediation of stakeholder’s interests, facilitates the execution of your business model. It is very important for business development and must allow the business to work smoothly, without obstacles and slowdowns.

For this reason, our approach is strategic.


Corporate Governance Structure

[email protected] takes care of the design of the corporate governance model through:

  • Identification of stakeholder’s interests
  • Adoption of tools that guarantee that interests are protected and satisfied
  • Choice of stakeholder model
  • Choice of corporate governing bodies
  • Choice of other mediation and decision-making bodies
  • Rules applicable to specific relationships in order to boost and incentivize compliance
  • Traditional and alternative controlling bodies
  • Financial reporting
  • Accountability to stakeholders.


Models of organisation and social responsibility

  • Definition of indicators, drafting of sustainability report and code of ethics
  • Analysis of social and environmental impacts of manufacturing process and setup of their management, control and communication model
  • Accounting review and support in the setup of internal control system
  • Accounting review and support in the setup of internal control system
  • Drafting of the Sustainability and Social Reports, as well as other non-financial reports (i.e. Integrated Reports) in compliance with national and international rules (GBS, GRI G3/G4, IR)
  • Assessment and certification of Sustainability Report
  • Development of corporate commitment to the business and personnel’s motivation
  • Support to international monitoring bodies
  • Support to risk assessment on IT system based on international best practices, in order to identify possible vulnerabilities that have not been detected by the current governance and control processes
  • Support to the setup of the internal control company framework, also through the analysis of current accounting practices.

Integrated Business Services

[email protected] support businesses in taking decisions on business strategy and operations, by offering complete, specific and effective solutions